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100 Pack 3ml 23Ga Plastic Syringe with Measurement for Scientific Labs, Industrial Dispensing Animal and Pet Supplies

This blog post explores the features and applications of 100 pack 3ml plastic syringes with measurement markings, a versatile tool used in various scientific, industrial, and household settings.

Multi-Purpose Marvels: Unveiling the Uses of 100 Pack 3ml Plastic Syringes

These syringes boast a multitude of applications, making them a valuable addition to many toolboxes:

  • Scientific Labs: From measuring and transferring liquids to feeding small animals in research, these syringes are commonly used in laboratories.
  • Industrial Dispensing: They can be used for precise application of adhesives, lubricants, inks, or other fluids in various industrial settings.
  • Animal and Pet Care: Measured feeding of liquid medications or supplements to pets or small animals can be done with these syringes.
  • Home Use (Potential): They can be helpful for refilling ink cartridges, applying small amounts of glue or cleaning solutions, or measuring precise amounts of liquids for recipes.

Bulk Convenience: The Advantage of a 100 Pack

Here’s why a 100 pack might be a practical choice:

  • Cost-Effective: Buying in bulk can be more economical than purchasing individual syringes.
  • Always Prepared: Having a stock of syringes ensures you have them on hand whenever a need arises.
  • Multiple Uses (Potential): The 100 pack caters to various applications, eliminating the need to purchase different tools for each task.

Understanding the Features: 3ml Capacity and 23Ga Gauge

  • 3ml Capacity: This refers to the amount of liquid the syringe can hold, which is 3 milliliters (mL).
  • 23Ga Gauge: This indicates the thickness of the needle (if included). A lower gauge number represents a thicker needle. Note: Not all syringes come with needles. Be sure to check the description of the specific product you are considering.

Choosing the Right 100 Pack 3ml Plastic Syringes

With various options available, consider these factors when selecting the perfect pack for your needs:

  • Needle Requirement (Optional): Decide whether you need syringes with needles or without. If you need needles, consider the gauge size appropriate for your application.
  • Sterility (Optional): Some syringes are pre-sterilized for medical or scientific use. If sterility is important for your application, look for labeled sterile syringes.
  • Measurement Markings: Ensure the markings are clear and easy to read for accurate measurement.

Safety Information and Responsible Use

  • Sharp Objects: Syringes, especially those with needles, can be sharp. Handle them with care to avoid accidental injury.
  • Disposal: Do not dispose of syringes in regular trash. Check with your local regulations for proper disposal procedures.
  • Not for Medical Use (Typically): While some syringes might be suitable for pet medication administration, they typically are not intended for human medical use.


100 pack 3ml plastic syringes with measurement markings offer a versatile and cost-effective tool for various applications. From scientific labs to home use, their precise measurement and potential for controlled application make them a valuable addition to many toolkits. Consider the needle requirement, sterility (if needed), measurement markings, and safe handling practices when choosing the perfect pack for your needs.

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